3–Seater Sofa Alody

Length: 220cm, Depth: 85cm, Height: 70cm, Seat Height: 40cm
SGD 3,140
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Talbot Ivory

Greta Ivory

Estimated Time of Arrival 27 August 2024

Alody 3–Seater Sofa

A touch of modern eccentricity for your living space, our Alody Sofa features a high–curved backrest and thoughtfully crafted upholstery in the black velvet fabric—a statement of boldly sculptured elegance. The eccentric stainless steel arms in a champagne gold finish with the accent of vertically–concealed screws lend masculine touches to this piece of a generously curvy plush silhouette.


  • Frames are built from solid mahogany and supported by engineered interlocking joinery for sturdiness and stability.
  • Upholstery is crafted by Indonesian artisans using poly–fiber, and dense polyurethane foam. This artisan upholstery cradles you in snug comfort.
  • Backrests and seating are sustained by nylon webbing for elastic and resilient support.
  • Armrests are made of solid stainless steel in a champagne gold finish. The vertically–concealed screws accentuate masculine touches.
  • The black velvet fabric is made from 100% polyester. The fabric is exquisite to the look and soft against the skin.
  • The base is fitted with felt pads for easy moving around and preventing scratches over floors.
  • Greta Ivory fabric is 100% Polyester. This fabric type is durable but soft, resistant to stretching, wrinkling, shrinkage, and easy to clean.

Dimensions :

Length: 220cm
Depth: 85cm
Height: 70cm
Seat Height: 40cm


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