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The Grandome Story

There are several philosophies that say, if the house is not just a building to be occupied, the house has a deeper meaning.

They interpret the house as something that can create comfort, warmth, and happiness in the heart. That's how Grandame was born. Since 2017, we make furniture with all our heart made as best as possible to support the comfort of people at home. By only using selected materials to maintain our quality.

We produce various kinds of luxury furniture with high quality and reliable. Some of the furniture that we produce include beds, sofas, dining areas, accessories, and so forth.


We dedicate offer the world-class quality furniture with high quality materials obtained from natural resources in Indonesia. We develop into a trusted interior business organization that growscontinuously with credible services.


  • We strive to be market leader of Indonesian-made furniture on domestic and abroad
  • We develop and manufacture furniture of high quality at affordable prices for retailers worldwide.

Furniture and its universe, a partnership that has been in operation for 20 years

Franklin Gharbi has been living in Indonesia for 20 years. Part of his family is an antique dealer, the other works in the field of furniture, design and marketing, so it is only natural that this history and cooking enthusiast headed towards this world he knows well. Arrived in Indonesia in 2001 to control an order in a factory in Jepara, the furniture capital of the archipelago, shortly after he decided to launch a workshop which would later become a furniture factory, with Luqi Hermawanti, his partner since creation. Over the years, the man who knows the market adapts his production according to demand and opens a showroom for local customers in South Jakarta in 2019.

Jepara in 20 years has changed a lot, small craftsmen mainly produce furniture for outdoor use. The job of many companies located in the city is to buy a product and take care of the finishing. In 2001, Franklin and Luqi set up Chakranaga in a small warehouse, where they produced furniture and then employed 8 people. More than 300 people are now working there as the company has grown. From artisanal production, it has passed to industrial production. Opportunities and encounters push us to produce differently. The products are intended for an international market and sold primarily to wholesalers at international trade shows.

Adaptation, a key element of success

The furniture is sold mainly to wholesalers, which means that it is necessary to order a minimum number of pieces. Two years ago, Franklin identified opportunities on the local market: the personal niche, a sector not yet exploited by P.T Chakranaga.

In parallel with the export activity, Franklin and Luqi adapted and created Grandome, a brand of modern mid-to-high-end furniture for individuals. In 2019, he decides to open a showroom in South Jakarta, where there are already many furniture stores. “We're 10 minutes from Jalan Fatmawati, 5 minutes from Kemang, so customers can compare products,” Franklin explains. "For this particular clientele, there is no minimum order; the same product being offered to wholesalers, we always have stock ”.

Franklin is mainly in charge of the conception and design of the collections, his experience in different companies has allowed him to acquire many skills in this field. The finished product is made in Jepara, some of the raw materials come from Indonesia, but some products like fabrics, accessories, trays come from China or Malaysia. "Craftsmen today have knowledge of our products and we strive to ensure that all finishing details are perfect."

Despite the absence of international trade fairs, the company has filled its order book. A showroom should open in Singapore soon.

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